Lake Martin is home to many hiking trails, parks, and a family friendly sportsplex. From the Smith Mountain Fire Tower, to Horseshoe Bend Military Park, the history of the town is celebrated throughout the trails.

With multiple activities in and out of the water, such as golf or fishing, Lake Martin is the perfect place to unwind and clear your mind or just have fun.

Just down the road is Alexander City, offering sports for people of all ages. The facilities include baseball, football, softball fields, a basketball court, and a golf course. There are plenty of options available to ensure you can participate in what you enjoy most! Adults, Children and even Seniors are welcome to participate in numerous sporting teams. Community members are encouraged to participate and sign up for different events.

Throughout the year, taking out a boat on Lake Martin is a popular activity in the community. The summer typically means busier waters with more people out, while winter is used more for fishing. There are a plethora of public and private boat ramps and marina’s accessible to those looking for a place to dock their boat. The region is also filled with camping sites for the guests that want to come and visit you. Wind Creek State Park is the most popular and largest campground operated by the state. The Alabama Marine Police patrol Lake Martin to ensure safety at all times.

Chimney Rock and Goat Island are public hotspots for an even more fun day on the lake. Chimney Rock is a great spot to stop, meet other people out on the lake and maybe even jump off the 40-foot rock for those wanting an adrenaline rush. Goat Island, as the name states is an island in the middle of the lake which is home to many friendly goats. Be sure to watch your snacks on the boat, as the goats often enjoy those too.

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